What Drives Us?

Pursuit Of Vegan Excellence

Our ideology is to innovate result oriented cosmetics at affordable prices for the vegan community across the nation. All our products are formulated to suit the Jain Samajh.

Our Story

Observation drives innovation – this is a seed to the foundation of TJS Beauty Secrets. We observed that the current product offerings in the Indian Market were all about quick results. Most of these reputed, recommended & expensive cosmetic products both domestic & international, held limited options for the vegan community and with even fewer products when quality & results were considered.

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About Us

TJS Beauty Secrets is a company based in Mumbai, India; and is a manufacturer of quality cosmetics for Skin, Body & Hair for sorted after and looked up to brands, as well as its own brand named Earth Therapy.

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Research & Development

Our R&D team brings together experts such as Aroma Therapist, Formulators, Chemists, Designers & Research Experts who, in their individual capacity develop high-quality fragrances with result driven essential oil & natural ingredient based formulas and then test them for stability & efficacy…

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Our Formulation Ideology

With our core ideology of providing result oriented natural & essential oil based vegan products the first challenge that our team of experts faced was the existing and immediate result giving pharma products in the market. Even though, …

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All products manufactured at TJS are studied for consumer demand, availability of vegan variant, efficacy, fragrance, texture & ease of use. This study is documented for our own brand as well as for your contract manufacturing needs.


TJS as a cosmetic manufacturer understand the dynamic nature of the world economies, hence, we choose the processes that would outlast the dynamics of this volatile market space, i.e.; raw material cost, production technology, logistics, etc. to benefit you in the long-term based your vision for your brand.


The formulation and production process thus designed by our expert formulators are highly customized to meet your unique requirements. We also suggest package design and packing materials for efficient movement of finished goods and ease of use for your customers.


Once all of the above is approved we move to development of your batches at our ISO & GMP certified facility. Unlike the industry standard, we share the production schedule with you, to give real time updates.

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A company built by a team of experts who came together to innovate proven skin & hair care in a vegan formula. Even Today, the company follows the ever-changing trends to make tending products available for the vegan community in a vegan formula.