“innovate result oriented
cosmetics at affordable
prices for the vegan

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TJS Beauty Secrets is a company based in Mumbai, India; and is a manufacturer of quality cosmetics for Skin, Body & Hair for sorted after and looked up to brands, as well as its own brand named Earth Therapy.

With an FDA & Pollution Control Board certified infrastructure it houses dedicated spaces for all major functions such as raw material storage area, dedicated powder room, manufacturing floor, finished goods storage, changing rooms, administration area, office, etc. in a highly accessible area with reliable logistic company depots at walking distance, it is a well-planned infrastructure that can furnish any demand with multiple shifts and seamless dispatches to provide quality product within tight timelines.

The company TJS Beauty Secrets is built on the ideology to innovate result oriented cosmetics at affordable prices for the vegan community across the nation. All our products are formulated to suit the Jain Samajh.

Since, its ideology we speak of, by associating yourself with TJS you also contribute towards the welfare & empowerment of the women in India, with our DS Project Initiative – It trains non-working women who intend to support their family financially & provide a fair business opportunity.

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