“Observation drives innovation”

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If you wish to make an apple

pie from scratch, you must first

invent the universe.

Observation drives innovation – this is a seed to the foundation of TJS Beauty Secrets. We observed that the current product offerings in the Indian Market were all about quick results. Most of these reputed, recommended & expensive cosmetic products both domestic & international, held limited options for the vegan community and with even fewer products when quality & results were considered.

Based on the above observation a research team was assembled to study natural ingredients, derivatives, actives, essential oils, aroma therapy, etc. to achieve a high standard in skin & hair care with all vegan products which were not just result oriented but also affordable for the masses.

While conducting this study, a critical factor was understood which most FMCGs find difficult to incorporate into their heavy quantity manufacturing as this would force them to have multiple formulas for the same product based on the geographical & climatic diversification, which becomes even more challenging for a diverse country like India. This was the external critical environmental factors such as sun exposure, moisture levels, humidity, pollution, oil control, etc.

Hence, the study was applied by the formation of a company named TJS Beauty Secrets that introduced a product line called Earth Therapy, that creates products in small but multiple batches to achieve this fine balance.