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Our Ideology

With our core ideology of providing result oriented natural & essential oil based vegan products the first challenge that our team of experts faced was the existing and immediate result giving pharma products in the market. Even though, they do give immediate or faster results it is comparatively a younger study versus the use of naturally occurring ingredients that have been used for medicinal purpose since the beginning of mankind. Hence, all sorts of allergies, irritants, etc. have been understood & studied over thousands of years in the field of general skin & hair care.

This is our strength. Know & Proven Knowledge, Applied. However, we respect the efforts & innovation being achieved in related studies of skin & hair care and we adopt FDA approved safe practices & ingredients to create unique formulations that are effective, nutrition rich & vegan.­


Our R&D team brings together experts such as Aroma Therapist, Formulators, Chemists, Designers & Research Experts who, in their individual capacity develop high-quality fragrances with result driven essential oil & natural ingredient based formulas and then test them for stability & efficacy. These developments are also backed by the research covering areas like market demand, consumer behaviour, consumption pattern, etc.

Our R&D team pays close attention to custom demands to either better an existing formula or create a new one to ensure high satisfaction & promote knowledge sharing based mutual growth.

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